🇺🇸 I’ve developed a behavior of “saving for special occasions”. Like, if I got a new jacket, I will keep wearing the old one regularly and save the new one to special occasions that would almost never happen. I don’t know if you have the same behavior, but I always come to a conclusion that it is something really dumb!

Some people use to say, at new year’s, phrases like, “Happy New You!”, with is nice and catchy. It’s a sort of motivation to shift to a better condition of attitude for life. Then we say that the new year will be the best of our life, better things will happen and everything will be special. Usually we want to say this every new year, because in fact, we’ve spent most of the year wearing the “old jacket”, if you know what I mean.

Different from time, the “old me” just doesn’t disappear like the old year. Old thoughts, old impulses, old actions will follow us during every day of the year, and before we realize, they will overpower the “new you”. We need more than just idealize. The “new you” is our ideals and dreams. The “old you” is our willpower. The thing is, willpower always wins. The successful “new you” will be the one who steals the scene and shows up, it doesn’t matter how special the occasion is. The “new you” makes it special.

Get rid of your “old jacket”. Switch the willpower button to your “new you”. Bring it with you wherever you go. And when it become old, you will say goodbye to him, and start to wear the next new one.

That’s it.


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