🇺🇸 “No man is an island”. This is a quote from John Donne in the book Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions and Seuerall Steps in my Sicknes - Meditation XVII, 1624. It’s been a long time and he knew nothing about smartphones and social media. But the principle is still the same. People need people.
It’s hard to say how long we’ll struggle to adapt with the technology era, to find the best way to live with all those new ways to do things and with the new things we do in our way, but more and more we read, see and listen about the dissatisfaction with how we’re becoming hostages from the control of the technology, specially over the younger generations. We all hope all this could head towards solutions more than into problems. It’s important to keep searching for the best way to live life.
If no one is an island (let’s be inclusive here), why the tendency for people to feel comfortable with distance? I hear people complaining about we’re living a crisis of commitment, which is something that I disagree. People are still committed, but not for the things we expect them to be. Influence is changing and today’s word is for us to open our eyes and to deal with this situation. The word is ENCOUNTER. An encounter is more than a meeting. It’s an event that has the power to impact who’s involved on it. It’s not casual, not superficial, not boring. Once we are in an encounter our needs are changed and fulfilled as a result of that experience. For some people is transcendental. It’s transformational.
Maybe we are missing this. We can be living and neglecting that people need to break that “island” condition. People need an encounter that will rock their world. What kind of encounter could it be?
That’s it.

🇧🇷 “Nenhum homem é uma ilha”. Frase de John Donne no livro Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions and Seuerall Steps in my Sicknes - Meditation XVII, de 1624. Já faz um bom tempo e ele nem sabia sobre smartphones e mídia social. Mas o princípio continua o mesmo. Pessoas precisam de pessoas.
É difícil dizer quanto tempo ainda vamos lutar para nos adaptarmos com a era tecnológica e achar a melhor maneira de viver com as novas coisas e novos costumes, mas cada vez mais lemos, vemos e ouvimos da insatisfação com o quanto temos nos tornado reféns do controle da tecnologia, especialmente sobre as novas gerações. Todos esperamos que isso possa nos levar a soluções mais do que a problemas. É importante continuarmos buscando pela melhor maneira de viver a vida.
Se ninguém é um ilha (vamos ser inclusivos), por que a tendência das pessoas se sentirem confortáveis com a distância? Ouço pessoas reclamando que vivemos uma crise de comprometimento, o que eu discordo. As pessoas se comprometem, mas não com o que esperamos que vão se comprometer. A influencia está mudando e a palavra de hoje é pra abrir os olhos para lidar com isso. A palavra é ENCONTRO. Um encontro mais do que comum. É um evento que tem o poder de impactar quem se envolve nele. Não é casual, superficial, nem chato. Quando estamos nele nossas necessidades são modificadas e preenchidas. Para algumas pessoas é transcendental. É transformador.
Talvez estejamos perdendo isso. Estar vivendo e negligenciando que pessoas precisam quebrar a condição de “ilha”. Precisam de um encontro que abale seu mundo. Que tipo de encontro poderia ser?
É isso.

2 thoughts on “ENCOUNTER / ENCONTRO

  1. Nego Ney

    People who need people,
    Are the luckiest people in the world
    We’re children, needing other children
    And yet letting a grown-up pride
    Hide all the need inside
    Acting more like children than children

  2. Well my Brother ,An encounter with rhe Son of Yahweh ! Can you imagine this ?He is knocking on our hearts ,to open our eyes ,our hearts to him,to let him in .Sin is and has destroyed this world .It is a shame because when you look around at all the beauty ,the mountains ,lakes ,waterfalls,oceans,animals ,nature in general.The beauty that is found in so many countries,the people , much to see and do ,however not enough time .The creation that our Father in heaven made for us to enjoy,yet it is been destroyed .We need an encounter with him .He will rock our world when he returns in the clouds .

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